What is powerQUBE?

Both bioQUBE and quickQUBE produce biogas. This gas can be directly combusted for lighting and cooking, or upgraded in to biomethane for use as a vehicle fuel.

The PowerQUBE unit The powerQUBE unit

Alternatively the biogas can be put into a powerQUBE to generate electricity and hot water, just plug it in via the standard fittings in the pod.

powerQUBE is a small combined heat and power (CHP) generator neatly packaged up into its own self-contained pod. It’s just like an ordinary small scale generator complete with control panels and connections but the CHP generators used in powerQUBEs are able to run off 100% biogas including being able to start on biogas alone.

powerQUBE can be bought with varying sizes of CHP generators, from 3.2kW up to 30kW.

powerQUBE can be used very easily with either BioQUBE or QuickQUBE technology, or they can be used with other anaerobic digestion systems.

powerQUBEs are very efficient, particularly when recovering heat from exhausts and engines; up to 30% of the output will be electricity and 50% heat in the form of hot water at 60 to 80 degrees Celsius.

The powerQUBE unit has been designed to be super silent – even with the CHP running the noise level is less than 56 dBLeq at 10m.