What is bioQUBE?

bioQUBEs are robust, modular anaerobic digesters (biogas digesters) providing a compact solution to process smaller volumes of feedstocks and wastes. Each module comprises a 20 foot shipping container with differing numbers of modules to make up the required unit processing size.

As with other digestions systems each bioQube is heated and stirred to provide the right environment for biogas production to take place.

The biogas produced by a bioQUBE can be collected and used for cooking and heating on site; used to run a combined heat and power generator such as powerQUBE, or be upgraded to a biomethane, a gaseous fuel which is 99% methane – the same as natural gas. This can be compressed and used to power vehicles or bottled and used as gas for remote applications.

The system can be run using different biodegradable waste streams including human sewage, food wastes and manures as well as purpose grown feedstock.

The modular nature of the system means that an increase in feedstock availability can be accommodated by simply scaling up the unit, resulting in an increase in biogas generation.

Each bioQUBE system comes in a standard configuration consisting of:

  • Reception chamber, with macerator pump to mix feedstock and transfer to the digester.
  • Heat exchangers to keep the digesters at a set operating temperature to ensure rapid digestion and biogas production.
  • Control panel to automate pumps, heating and gas/generator controls – the bioQUBE has an intuitive user interface; all of the processes are controlled by small PLC computer.
  • The system can also be operated remotely; you could run the system from an app on your phone if required.

In addition Qube Renewables can design, manufacture and supply:

  • Biogas storage systems and digestate storage tanks.
  • Separators and pasteurising units may be necessary with some feedstocks to ensure compliance with local legislation.

But importantly each system is sized and designed to meet your needs.