What is quickQUBE?

quickQUBE is the rapid deployment version of bioQUBE designed to sanitise waste and create biogas for a variety of potential uses.

quickQUBE can be run from any biodegradable waste stream including human sewage. With the combination of heating and the natural bacteria involved in anaerobic digestion, waste is sanitised. The resulting digestate is both full of nutrients which make it a very good fertiliser and soil improver, as well as now being sanitised and suitable for spreading on land where crops will be grown.

Human waste can be sanitised while being turned into a valuable fertiliser, and be used to produce biogas for energy in the same simple unit.

As well as sanitising waste a quickQUBE can provide any of the following:

  • Biogas for cooking and lighting
  • Biogas that can be upgraded and then used as a vehicle fuel
  • Biogas for energy generation in the form of electricity and hot water when used in conjunction with a powerQUBE unit