About QUBE Renewables

The QUBE digestion technology was originally designed in response to a brief from the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) to explore ways that waste, including human sewage, could be utilised to provide energy in their forward operating bases. The MoD wanted to reduce the amount of fuel needing to be transported (at great cost in terms of time, money and potentially lives) as well as reducing the problems caused by the need to dispose of kitchen waste and human sewage in remote areas with no utility services.

We believe that the technology should be robust, easily transportable, and easy to operate and service. Our first QUBE digesters were built on these principles, and have since completed thousands of hours of continous biogas production.

Since then the company has grown now producing four solutions sold all over the world.

QUBE Renewables Ltd comprises two shareholding companies with over 30 years’ experience in waste and energy as well as having excellence in engineering and manufacturing.

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