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Typical Outputs for our range

System Size40m380m3160m3200m3
In CHP Operation
Electricity kWh per year19,20042,00066,00090,000
Hot Water (L at 70°C) per year577,4441,263,1581,984,9622,706,767
Equivalent to Litres per day1,5823,4615,4387,416
Or for Biogas for heating and cooking
As kWh per year61,714134,999212,142289,284
As Megajoules per year222,170485,998763,7111,041,424
Or as KM as a transport fuel
Car based per year2,8806,3009,90013,500
Motorbike based per year8,64018,90029,70040,500
Feedstock* tonnes per year based on food waste
*Other wastes and the number of units will vary150300450600+