Installing a bioQUBE

The bioQUBE effectively comes in a box (the shipping container) ready to plug and play; plug into wastes and feedstocks as well as the local grid network if necessary via a powerQUBE.

bioQUBE units are swift and easy to install. They can be brought to site by a standard crane lift lorry and once lowered into position the installation process can be completed rapidly.

Installing a BioQUBE The bioQUBE is housed inside a standard 20ft or 40ft shipping container.

Once installed and filled a bioQUBE will start producing biogas in only a matter of days, and if coupled with a powerQUBE the CHP generator can be run to produce power and heat within about 3 weeks.

Scenario: As part of a planned waste treatment upgrade on site foodwaste generated from a local food producing company is converted in a bioQUBE and powerQUBE combination to provide heat for the factory and power for the refrigeration system.