How does bioQUBE work?

bioQUBE diagram Please click on the diagram for a larger version

What goes in must come out!

bioQUBE feeding is a continuous process, small volumes of waste are loaded each day (the feedstock) and the same volume is unloaded each day (digestate); this process is automated.

We liken it to looking after a ‘mechanical cow’. The resulting digestate can be stored in a separate tank for collection and spreading as it is full of good stuff for growing crops, or it can be disposed to sewer if you have a connection and the water company allows this discharge.

There is very little odour from the process, all of which is contained. We do know that if you are spreading digestate this may have an odour, as with other slurries and manures.

Typical Outputs for our range

No. of bioQUBES1 to 22 to 33 to 45+
In CHP Operation
Electricity kWh per year19,20042,00066,00090,000
Hot Water (L at 70°C) per year577,4441,263,1581,984,9622,706,767
Equivalent to Litres per day1,5823,4615,4387,416
Or for Biogas for heating and cooking
As kWh per year61,714134,999212,142289,284
As Megajoules per year222,170485,998763,7111,041,424
Or as KM as a transport fuel
Car based per year2,8806,3009,90013,500
Motorbike based per year8,64018,90029,70040,500
Feedstock* tonnes per year based on food waste
*Other wastes and the number of units will vary150300450600+